Teagan Alex

Hi! My name is Teagan Alex. I believe that every business owner should have a killer social media profile. It should benefit you, work for you, and make you money. If it isn't then you need a new plan. 

I want to work on helping you build a killer audience that wants what you are selling, is picking up what you are putting down and can't wait for your next post. Because you're worth it. 

I have a set of skills and a strategy that can be applied to help make your business boom. Because let's be honest, you don't have time to go hunting for business. You have sweatpants to wear, and Netflix to binge on. 

Let me help you find your killer voice on instagram, create mind blowing content and build your audience so you have the time to run your business and sneak in your Netflix shows. 

The 'COOL KIDS' club


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