There is something to be said about KIller work.



Brittany Hunter

Meet Brittany. She is a mentor for LuLaRoe and a mom to 3 kids. She is stressed out by social media. So I stepped in. I do all the work for her, so she can just focus on what she does best. Selling her product and connecting with her team. I do monthly shoots with her, and make sure her account is running smooth. When we started in May 2016, she was just shy of 1,000 followers.

Teagan is amazing to work with. Since using her I have seen my account grow and explode. She is easy to get in touch with, which I love. I can text or call her at any time and she is quick to respond. She takes the time to really study the numbers, and make sure she is doing what will make the biggest impact for my account. She works daily to ensure quality and make sure the most quality followers are coming to my account. I love that she took the time to sit down and get to know me. Because of that, my personality is coming through in my posts and people are coming to know me. It is almost like I am running it myself, through a magical fairy of course! 
— Brittany Hunter

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Meet Kes. She is a health coach for Take Shape for Life. She is amazing and working on a killer new project, YEEEE! I have known her for quite sometime and we finally were able to connect. I coach her through her posts, tags and when to get to work. When we started working together in April 2016, she had 10 followers.

Teagan is like the all seeing eye of instagram. I wish I had her skills. She takes the time to make sure she learns everything she can about the product, the client and how to best market it. She coached me through every step of the way and supported me doing it on my own. She answered all my questions, was there at crazy hours to answer me and really helped me learn how to excel. I would give her a 10 out of 5 on the star scale. Don’t miss out on a chance to work with her!
— Kes Rocha

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Courtney Woffinden

Meet Courtney. She is a LuLaRoe consultant with BIG dreams. She is *almost* a trainer and on her way to coach. We started working together just a few short months ago and I can already see grand things coming in her future. We shoot monthly and land killer shots like the one above. When we started her account had just under 5K followers. 

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Lindsay Morrison

Meet Lindsay. She is a girl with a mission of her own. She is a bubbly delight and a hurricane of force to be messed with. We started working with me so she could have some more 'Me' time with her hubs, pup and kitten watching TV and just spending down time. I just know this girl is going to kill it. 

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Mirna Kemp

Meet Mirna. She is a woman who knows what she wants. She is employed full time, a full time mama and a full time LuLaRoe consultant. She is on a mission to help women feel empowered and beautiful and I am honored to help her on her journey. Whenever I am in town we stop and photograph for a while, and it is always a delight. Since her plate is full, I stepped in to take posting away so she can do what she is best at - helping women feel pretty. 

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