For me, I build my courses in here. I love the ease for both the builder and the user.

Pinterest is soooo simple with this baby. I schedule all my pins and build my traffic with tailwind. Try it out today! 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

When it comes to learning, I want to learn from experts. Don't you? CreativeLive is my first stop. 


I use this hand in hand with Tailwind. It helps me loop pins making them UBER effective.

Melyssa Griffin

Come watch an amazing webinar all about pinterest! 


When it comes to memories, presents or cards for others. I hit up Mixbook

A Color Story
This is my go to editing app on social media. It is like a mini photoshop on your phone. 

A color story

Artifact Uprising

This is where I print my photos, cards and graphics. Give them a try! 

Your Photos, In Print


Tea Collection
I don't know about you, but clothes that last matter to me. Tea Collection is where it's at.

Auto Updating Promotional Banner


The Baby Cubby
Need a new diaper bag, stroller, decor for the nursery or clothes? Yep. This is my go to. 

Cubby Picks

Fun Stuff

American Tombow
I have been addicted to brush lettering, and these are my go to pens.


Make your downloadables EASY to send. This place is the best!



House of Brazen
Learn how to make affiliate sales in a cinch!


When I travel, I like to use what is there. Uber is there when I need it and so dang slick. Get $5 of your first ride with 'teagana97ue'!